Greenfield & Complex Capital Projects

Greenfield & Complex Capital Projects

As Capital has matured and grown as a company, so has our ability to deliver larger greenfield and more complex projects. Leveraging our expertise in areas such as industrial buildings we have developed and delivered significant assets for both new and existing clients. These projects have been performed both on a standalone basis, as well as part of larger commercial arrangements including design build with trusted delivery partners.

Capital’s growth has always been underpinned by the commitment to delivering exceptional results, and making a decision to take on a larger project is no exception.

These are all things that are carefully weighed before making the decision to pursue a major development opportunity. Our success will only be measured by your success.

Greenfield services expertise | capital engineering

Our delivery teams strike a balance between the fit for purpose and innovative approaches need for brownfield and sustaining capital project delivery and the rigours required to manage larger and more complex projects. It’s this balance that allows us to deliver uncommon results for our clients.

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The Capital Experience

At Capital, we invest in our relationships and are committed to deeply understanding your business and supporting you during this unprecedented period of change to help you achieve your goals. ​


What We Value

We didn’t become engineers, designers, and project specialists because it was easy, we did it because it was hard. The opportunity to work on complex problems on some of the worlds most complex assets, and create unique and value-driven solutions, is what led us to the industry then, and it’s what we thrive on today.​



Trust in each other.

Trust that we will deliver on our commitments.

That our clients trust us with their assets and to solve their toughest challenges.



Collaborating with our partners and clients to arrive at solutions that make industrial operations and assets safer and more efficient is a driving force at Capital.



Capital was founded and built around a sense of family and community. We are truly stronger together and the spirit of community will forever be a pillar at Capital.

Our 'Why' Has Always Been About Bringing People Together

At Capital, we believe that exceptional people deliver exceptional results. Processes, systems, and tools are enablers, but it is people who drive innovative solutions and deliver projects.