At Capital Engineering, our philosophy on health, safety and the environment is quite simple: We won’t cut corners. An unwavering commitment to safe operations, protecting the environment and respecting the well-being of our employees, clients and vendors are crucial elements to our business performance and success.

It starts in our office. The provision of leisure and workout equipment encourages the maintenance of a healthy mind and body for our employees. From there, our core HS&E values are an integral component of every stage of project implementation – throughout planning, design, site visits and start-up. Whether it is the design of our projects or activities within our office, Capital Engineering is dedicated to the efficient use of natural resources, taking care of our people and satisfying the highest industry standards.

COR (Certificate of Recognition)


Most companies and projects require a range of expertise and technologies to meet their needs. Capital Engineering satisfies this requirement with proficiency and experience in plant operations, consulting, engineering, technology application and business. It is this amalgamation of skill, knowledge, innovation and fundamental attention to detail that has allowed our company to thrive.

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